UK Armed Forces Faction

UK Armed Forces Faction Collection


The primary aim is create a full British Faction for ArmA2 and eventually ArmA3. The secondary and arguably more important part is to build a mutually supporting community for all UK addon makers.

The problem with making individual addons has always been getting them used. So we are going to pool our released addons into a single large "all in one collection" for easy MP use. Each time one of us releases something stable we add it to the pack and re-publish.

The key points are:

  • MP friendly - easy pack to download. Contains full credits and EULAs etc
  • "Good quality standard" - The odd man always stands out. Well maybe we can all help each other to improve?
  • As bug free as possible - Again, I've been plagued by bugs for years that others fixed in seconds.
  • Clean rpt etc
  • No config clashes
  • Capability to support custom config replacements - People like to tinker. Lets make it easier and safer for them to create their own plugins.
  • Properly modular so people can mix and match to suit (removes the need for people to hack addons about)

How this group works:

This group forum is intended to be a place where we can help each other out if needed. The final aim of all this is to create a bigger, better UK themed MP friendly pack. With the added bonus we all get to know each other a bit better.

  • Everyone keeps their own tags and IP/work. All that happens is we use a common Faction structure to make it easier for people to find the stuff in the editor. We then collect the addons together and publish an "all-in-one pack" every once in a while. This should make it easier for the community to use all of our kit in game.
  • No one's addons will be altered. The UKAF groups exists to help each other improve their own addons and fix any issues to a point where there are no Single or Multiplayer issues. Think of it as the ultimate BETA test group :)
  • No-one is committed to anything in this project. UKAF is not a mod team. There are no contracts to sign on joining. No deadlines etc. All contributions are voluntary and all credit will be given where due. If the addon is publicly available and has no technical issues it could be added to the pack with the author's consent.
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Last updated: 25 May 2012